terça-feira, 8 de setembro de 2009

freddie robins

“My cultural roots are evident in the work that I produce because my work is all about me, and my thoughts about the ‘world’ that I occupy and that cannot be separated from the culture within which I was raised and live. These cultural roots are not of over riding importance to me, or my work, but they are intrinsically linked. I am female, British and white. These definitions are listed in order of importance to me. I am often told that my work is very ‘English’, I take this to mean ‘British’ as people from outside of the UK often do not know that there is a difference! I feel that this ‘Britishness’ is expressed through my use of humour, irony and subversion. My cultural roots are also expressed through my use of materials, predominately wool, use of colour and my employment of knitting. My work conveys multi-layered messages and meanings. I can imagine that these are sometimes meaningless to other cultures. The titles of my works are important and I often employ text within the works. The meanings of these works are obviously completely lost if you do not read English.”


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